Monday, March 8, 2010

Presidential Coins of 2010

The new presidential coins for 2010 feature a few of the lesser known presidents as well as one of the greatest. With your coin collection it helps to have a basic idea of who is on the coins you are collecting. So before you go on out and get these beautiful gold coins to fill your coin album, let’s take a look at who these presidents were.

Millard Fillmore came into office after the short lived presidency of Zachary Taylor who fell ill and died after just 16 months as president. During his presidency, he opened relations with Japan, ending their isolationism with the 1854 Treaty of Kanagawa and he also founded the San Francisco mint, to produce coins from all of the gold being found out west.

Franklin Pierce’s presidency saw the negotiation with Mexico for much of the lands in Arizona and New Mexico. Congress also passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act which opened those territories to the possibility of slavery based on the decision of the territory, repealing the Missouri Compromise. After being denied re-nomination, Pierce retired from politics.

James Buchanan’s presidency had the bad fortune of being on the brink of Civil War. While he opened and secured many Western ports, the Dred Scott decision issued by the Supreme Court legalized slavery in all states, hinting towards the inevitability of war.

By Abraham Lincoln’s presidency 11 states had seceded and formed the Confederate States of America. During his two terms, Lincoln was determined to preserve the Union, and had problems not with slavery, but with the secession of the Southern States.

Now along with these coins in your coin album you will have an idea of how these men got to be on the coins in your coin collection.


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