Monday, May 4, 2009

How To Put Coins Into Albums

"I just received my coin album but how do I put my coins in it?" That is a frequent question and the answer is obvious once you know it but if you aren't quite sure what you are looking for it can be a little bit confusing.

Coin albums have pages that are made up of five parts that are layered together like a sandwich. They have a top coat, a top acetate, a middle board, a bottom acetate and a bottom coat. The top and bottom coats are adhered to the middle board in rows between the coin openings. The trick to loading a coin album is that the acetate slides to the right of the page and is between the coatings and the middle board. To load a coin you simply slide the top acetate to the right edge of the page, place your coin in the appropriate opening and slide the acetate back into place. The acetate sheets hold your coin into place while the top and bottom page coatings hold the acetates in place.

Here is a quick 45 second video that shows you exactly how to add coins to any album.

This video can also be seen at Coin Supply Express at our Information and Education page.
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