Thursday, March 12, 2009

Start Collecting With State Quarters

Coin collecting should be fun, especially when you’re just getting started. Of course everybody hopes to crack open the old piggy bank and find a long lost rare coin that will more than pay for a family vacation to Hawaii but that’s probably not going to happen.

If you’re new to coin collecting and just not sure where to start then I suggest that you consider state quarters. Will your state quarter collection be worth anything? Probably not more than $12.50 (maybe $14 after you collect the 2009 territory quarters) but that’s not a reason to overlook state quarters.

First off, you are new to collecting. You don’t know what to collect and you certainly don’t know what has any value. Before you consider jumping into rare coins with a wad of cash you should start with something that is relatively free, impressive in size and a challenge, but not impossible, to complete. State Quarters are all of those things.

Collecting state quarters can also teach you how to revalue your collection. For example, when you raid your coin jar and find quarters you’ll find some that look pretty nice and some that look like they’ve been run through the vending machine a few hundred times. You’ll put the best into your collection and the rest back into circulation but you’ll know that the ugly one has to go. You’ll watch your collection change over time as you replace old coins for newer, better looking coins. In the end, if there ever is an end, you’ll have a state quarter collection that you can be proud of. Once you’ve got your collection together you can store it in a Dansco quarter album, Whitman quarter album or in a colorful state quarter map.

The keys to collecting coins are to enjoy the hunt and to be proud of your prize. Once you get started with the “free” quarters that are in circulation you’ll learn what you like in a coin and what you don’t like in a coin. By the time you’re wrapping up your first state quarter collection you’ll be doing new research for your next conquest. The experience of state quarters will teach how to search for coins that are impressive to you as you find example that are more rare and more expensive than where you started.

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